Are you tiered of bend and broken Bra wires or the wire sticking out on the side pocking into your breast while out at work or pleasure?We got the perfect and long lasting solution for your Bra---Check out our collection all about how to wash and storage your Bra correctly

Bra Set

THE BRA BOX is for all women who are looking for a safe place to keep all there Bras stored at Home in your closet or drawer or for long traveling across the oceans or for a weekend road trip.This Bra Box always ensure that your Bra is safe from any outside damage.THE BRA BOX keeps your cups safe and secured from any dens as the cups are hard moulded and water absorbent. Depend on your Bra size and if its a push-up or a cotton or lace Bra,THE BRA BOX can contain between 4 to 7 Bras.

Bra Bubble Wash Box

This Bra Bubble wash Box is an awesome tool. Finally you can wash your Bra without been worried the Bra hook going to tangle with your new favorite shirt or eventually that your underwire going to brake or even come out and stuck inside your washing machine.This Bra Bubble wash Box going to take off all your worries...

The Fun of Variants

When you been a responsible women, powering through your daily chores, and suddenly a wild underwire pops from nowhere.Its time to rethink how to store and wash your Bras correctly as we all know its already hard to find the right Bra...and then here you have your underwire pocking through your shirt ...Keep your Bra at all times save and secured stored away THE BRA BOX for home and larger storing or the MINI BRA BOX for a short weekend trip.One size for all Bras.



The Bra Box is an elegant fashionable storage box created for all women who wants to keep there Bra in a safe and secured place well organized.